Im rebuilding a 440 shooting for about 500hp. Here is what i got so far for the engine. Posting it over here seem to be more BB guys.

Parts I have:
Crank, Rods, Pistons and rings
Rod, Main and cam bearings
Gasket Set includes head gaskets and i have intake, valley tray and exhaust
Freeze plugs and thread in plugs
Cam and lifters, valve springs, locks and retainers and seals.
Rocker arms, shafts and hold downs,
Oil pump
intake, carbs and tunnel ram linkage
Windage tray (but not sure if special bolts are need? was planning on a set of arp Main bolts)
Intake and carbs and linkage
Reworked 452heads
Electric fuel pump
Gear Drive (may swap out)
Factory Balancer
Billet Intermediate shaft

Parts I know I need:
Spark Plugs (not sure what i need for heat range)
Plug wires
Header bolts (anyone recommend good ones)

Am I missing anything here? What else might I need? I want to get my ducks in a row

Also these are the main and rod bearings I got are they going to be ok for a performance build?

Federal Mogul 5025 M Main Bearing
Mopar Performance P2836184 Rod bearing

I cant seem to find much info on these I picked them up at a swap meet sometime ago.