Question. I have a 71 dart with a rally dash. All the lights where working before hand except for the horn. I mean the turn signals and the hazard lights. Also if you put on the left hand turn signal the switch wouldn't stay down because the plastic in the switch was broken. I replaced the wiring harness and switch assembly with a new one. Now when I turn on the hazards or the left turn signal the volt meter jumps up and down and those lights don't work. If I leave it on very long it blows the fuse. If I turn on the right signal it works and the horn works too. The wiring harness for the dash is new a couple years ago when I started the rebuild. Any idea on where this issue may be? I have checked all the grounds. Also I should add, the lights all work, hi beam, low beam, all marker lights and brake lights.
I took the harness back out of the column so now it is just plugged into the dash harness and sitting on a piece of wood, but same problem exists.
I even hooked the old harness back up and it does the same thing now too.
Thanks all.