Hedman Hustler Headers
The Hedman Hustlers seem to be an underdog in the a-bodies, and are rarely seen
in these cars, yet they do a fairly good job, and are actually somewhat better than the Hookers, which seem to be quite popular.

These are the 2" Hustlers for bigblock A-bodies. According to Hedman, they require both manual brakes AND manual steering, as the number one primary tube would interefere with the bigger steering box. It does work with column or floor shift, and, being a full fenderwell header, does not interfere with clutch linkage. If anything, they certainly LOOK menacing. The long sweeping bends appear to be less restrictive than some other designs.

 These tubes really do some snaking around before they exit the well. The passenger side appears to require holes in the fender for plug access. Driver side just looks like a pain regardless.

The collectors on these headers actually start vertically, inside the wheelwell, and end with a bend, and the flange right at the fender bottom. This install has custom cut-outs added. Tire clearance I'm told is better than the Hookers, but still nothing to brag about.