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: Brooke AKA Brookeymonster

05-26-2016, 07:24 AM
I may have posted this picture a few years back, when I was an active member. The second puppy on the left is Brooke. She grew to be a 97 pound lap dog.She could sit on your feet and pin you to the couch. Then lean back and wiggle up till she was full in your lap. We tried to breed her 3 times and no puppies. Then last fall she started getting sick. By January she had gone from 97 down to 65 pounds. We finally had to put her down the last week of January. We still have her mother, she's 11, that's pretty old for a Bernese, and a 13 year old yappy mutt. Getting old stinks, the worse part is your dogs get older faster. Brookey is one of the ones I really miss, Joe. ( ( (