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  1. HEY NOOBS! Want a band or song recommendation? Don't start a new thread-POST HERE!

    I need a song for a film. The characters are in maximum security prison. Some are nice guys, some are just psycho. They're all in there because of violence while they were in prison.

    It's got to...
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    Lyrics to John Mayall's "Down the Line"

    Who knows - or can check my transcription of - the lyrics of "Down the Line" (from the album THE BLUES ALONE, 1968)?

    I tried to transcribe the lyrics from the record myself but find some of my...
  3. Singer-songwriters who play the piano such as Tori Amos?

    Hello everyone. I've posted this in another forum here but I thought it made sense to post it here too.
    Do you guys have any suggestions of artists that compose their music, sing their music, and...
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    Free scores with chord progressions

    I have recently started playing my YPT-300 Yamaha keyboard. As a clarinetist and self-taught pianist, I am improvising old tunes by combining the melody on sheet music and bass chord tabulatures....
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    Fantasy Festival Stage/Arena

    Okay, so we're in the middle of festival season (in the UK anyway) and I was thinking today about what my ultimate stage/arena lineup would be. I'm also intrigued about what the MB crowd will come up...
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    Has anyone ever heard of Bushy?

    I just bought his album Hiya on amazon and it has a few really good songs on it, the album is trip-hop and electronica, might be a little bit downtempo.

    My absolute favorite song on it is There's...
  7. Wanting Galaxy 12v control interface for expedition vehicle

    Recommendations for logic control to interface/operate on board electronic devices.
    Basically, I want the ability to start the motor, open and close windows, play music, security system/door locks,...
  8. Best Producer/Recording Engineer in Metal Music?

    So as of late I've been obsessing over the production side of metal music, and I love hearing how simply working with a different producer can completely alter a band's sound. This thread is...
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