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  1. Classical music that grabs people who don't like classical music

    OK, this is my first attempt to start a thread, so be patient.
    From time to time, I have witnessed friends or family who usually just don't listen to classical music being absolutely grabbed and...
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    Need help with tubeless tire setup

    I have a Stans kit, Alexa rims, and Michelin Country Rock tires. I can't set the bead no matter how much I try. The people at the bike shop say I need new tires. If I do need new tires than what's ok...
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    How reliable overall? not just engine

    I'm looking into getting a new vehicle soon. My first choice so far is a patriot, I'm starting to love them more and more. I still need to test drive one, but I kinda want a 4x4 and jeeps seem...
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