Recommendations for logic control to interface/operate on board electronic devices.
Basically, I want the ability to start the motor, open and close windows, play music, security system/door locks, transmission shifting and torque converter lockup, activation of air compressor, parking brake, interior lights, exterior lights, suspension control, anti roll bar, ect., ect.
I know of ABradley PLC's capable of controlling everthing I want but the ones I use 24v processors.
I have room in my center console to mount processor, input cards, output cards, ect.
Perhaps someone with experience programming and installing these type of systems will contribute technical suggestions pertaining to completion of my system diagram/ program ect.ect.?
An idea since I have 24v components available for use/testing. Add a second battery and somehow? Interface a isolated 24v system to control the 12v electronic coponents...