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Thread: Starter change 440/TTI 1¾” long tubes/727 Auto/Manual steering box 1968 Dart

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    Starter change 440/TTI 1¾” long tubes/727 Auto/Manual steering box 1968 Dart

    I thought I would document what I did to change out my starter with this set up in hopes of helping others. The 1st time I did a lot of unnecessary work like removing entire steering linkage ect:

    1- Dis-connect Battery
    2- Remove Left side Spark plugs
    3- Unbolt Left header at motor. I left the forward bolt attached for now.
    4- Jack up front of car and secure jack stands.
    5- Disconnect left outer tie rod, turn steering wheel all the way left. Tie Tie rod to control arm to keep out of the way.
    6- Disconnect header at collector.
    7- Disconnect Kickdown rod at tranny bracket that goes to tranny.
    8- Remove Kickdown bracket from Tranny 5/8” wrench (I left top rod intact and let the bracket hang out of the way. You can remove completely if so inclined.)
    9- Tranny line(s) may need to be unbolted at tranny. (Mine did not)
    10- Remove last header bolt at Engine.
    11- With Header loose you can move it around to access Starter cable nuts at solenoid, then upper starter bolt using a short 5/8” box wrench and lastly the lower 11/16” Starter nut.
    12- Now it’s a matter of moving around the header and starter to get it out.
    13- Reverse this procedure for Installation.
    14- I can now do this in about two hours.
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    Big block starter change

    Thanks for the heads up! My starter works fine most of the time but when it gets cold out it will sometimes not engage fully and grind on the flywheel. Been putting off changing the starter because it will be a pain but your instructions definitely help and I DON'T want to change a flywheel!

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    This is one reason I love my hooker fenderwell exit headers, I jack up car, use jackstands, remove and replace starter. I also love the looks!

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