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270 Dart
white but not for long ?
wife found the car for me and we bought her 14yrs ago been setting waiting me to get in gear an go to working on her started in early jan 2013 stripping her to frame so to speak now waiting on little money and Alabama heat to go back to work kinda interesting story several years ago had a huricane come through and I had her parked under two pecan trees decided to pull her into middle of yard to prevent damage closest tree was over 30 feet and it was an old oak well dead in the middle of storm I looked out my window to see nothing more then a tail light of hers almost with tear in my eyes and wife fussing i cranked chain saw and began cuting her free only damage was a small ding in the top right rear corner of roof thank you lord after storm was al gone the place she had sat under pecan tree didn't even have a leaf blown off
1967 Dodge 270 Dart (white but not for long ?)


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