"...Just the Facts, Ma'am"


Front Suspension

*Chrysler Chassis Designations
*64-76 A-Body Disk Brake Conversion
*Spindle interchange information
*Moog Suspension Part Numbers
*Steering Box Info
*Power Steering Pumps
*Steering Linkage
*Torsion Bar Reference
Rear Suspension

*Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The 8 3/4 Axle
*Drum to Drum Measurement Chart
*3-Link Traction System



*B-Body Headers In An A-Body
*Pro-Parts Partial Fenderwells
*Mazzolini 1 3/4 Underchassis
*Stahl Fenderwell Headers
*Schumacher Tri-Y's
*B-Body HP Manifolds
*Hooker Fenderwell Headers
*Hedman Hustlers
*Hedman Shorty headers for a B-body on an A-body

Engine & Transmission Mounts, Cooling

*Cooling Ideas
*Make Your Own DC-K Frame
*Make Your Own Elephant Ears
*Make Your Own Elephant Ears Part 2 - Patterns
*Make Your Own Elephant Ears Page 3 - Alternator Mount
*Make Your Own Elephant Ears Page 4 - Finished Product
*B/E body four-speed in an A-body
*Serious 4-Speed Tech




*Late Alternator Conversion
*Electronic Ignition Conversion






*2-bolt master cylinder adapter
*Hydraulic Clutch Bracket


Tire Tools and Metric Converter
*Tips, Tricks And Tight Spots
*Tap and Drill Chart
*60' vs 1/4 mile Chart
*Rotating Weight vs. Static Weight
*Carter/Edelbrock Carburator Information
*OEM - vs- Light Weight Parts

Chassis & Body

*Widen Your Rear Wheel Openings
*How To Widen Your Wheelwells
*Move Your Springs Inboard
*How To Measure For Rear Wheel Sizes
*Weld In Your Own Frame Connectors