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11 inch brakes

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I'm going from 10" to 11" brakes on the back of the demon, does the axle shaft length change? The drums seem to be the same depth. Just wondering if I'm missing something, or is there a length difference? Want to make sure before I get new axles. Thanks Steve
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All big bolt brakes are interchangeable if you swap backing plates with the correct drums. The width of the brakes is determined by the backing plate.

I've got the 11" backing plates and drums, getting ready to pull the old stuff off this morning. I heard you had to change axle length so I wasn't sure about that. So A body stock 8 3/4 axles should be same length whether 10" or 11" brakes. Correct? Steve
Original small bolt pattern axles are different.
No, what I said was all BIG BOLT axles (factory, that is) are interchangeable. If you have small bolt axles, then no, you need to change axles for 11" brakes.

I am going to 11" brakes from 10" and big bolt axles in this project. I'm just finishing the front disk change over for the big bolt pattern from drums. I pulled the small bolt axles today and they are 30 spline and looks to be 28". Stock 8 3/4 742 rear end. I'm still some what confused ??? When I order axels I just need to get A body axles with big bolt pattern? Thanks Steve
A-body length, b-body offset, big bolt pattern. Call Moser and they will know exactly what you need.

Thank you very much. I was hoping to find or order some at Indy show. Steve
I bought yukon axles, and next time I think I would call Moser. I didnt really save any money and mine are not finished on the ends to work with the thrust block/spacer.
I called Moser for mine, and they had it all figured out already - I didn't even give B-body drums a thought until they asked me about it.
Thanks guys.  Was hoping maybe Moser would be at indy, if not will call an order them when I get back. I guess I should ask about green bearings. I seen the post a couple days ago on green verses adjusable. Any added thoughts??
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