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1971 Plymouth Valiant

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I recently bought a 71 valiant,225 slant 6, 904 trans. I want to put a 440 , 727 in it. What is the best way to proceed. The body and paint is already done. Interior needs work. Front end is shot,4 lug 13 inch wheels. What do I need to do to turn this toy into a bad boy. Thanks in advance. Sequoia P.S.This is my first a-body project so if I sound like I don't know, I don't. Thanks
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What do you want to do with the car? This will vary greatly what front suspension setup you use.
Drive around town , on the highway every now and then, and down the track. [Quatermile]
You mean 4 inch pattern and not 4 lug rite? Get your brakes and suspention up to snuff before you do any thing else. Then it just a matter of time and money. Good luck and ask lots of ?s.
Go with late discs or the F/M/J spindle (see the tech pages), add .920" or .990" torsion bars with a sway bar up front. Replace the rear leaf springs with something a bit more substantial along with a large pattern a-body 8-3/4 (or narrowed). Install good shocks at all four corners. Power brakes are not necessary, neither is power steering (but the PS is nice to have). Now you're ready for more power. Read the tech pages and decide just how much power you want/need out of the big block.

To add to jims post. in your case the DC k member conversion would be perfect. You could probably get the k member and all the other parts necessary from the same car. just replace the wear items and youll be all set.
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