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273 into 66 where 225 was... ??

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soon i'll be putting the 273 into the dart where a 225 slanter is... i have motor mounts on the 273 that came out of a 67 cuda. What will i need to fit this sb onto my 66 kframe? i have a drop centerlink too...

do i need different mounts altogether??

thanks guys, new to the 'early a' scene

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the 67 style mounts will not work... you need a 63-66 a-body 273 mount.
i was afraid it wasnt that easy... thanks, anyone have 'em?!
used stock ones aren't usually too hard to find either...
yeah - i'd rather not send schu my hard earned $$$ till i can't find old ones...
post a wanted ad on this site,moparts,mopar style,scatpack etc... someone is bound to have them...
With the slanter out. Try a 408 360 stroker then adjust the rear view mirror and look at all the chebbys back there LOL
I have a set of mounts. they are semi hammered, and a little twisted, but still strong and intacked. there are some truck mounts that will work fine too. have you checked ebay?
i have a good set with good isolators. from a 66 cuda 273. the iso's are good  but newones are available. $25 + shipping to lower 48
thank you everyone, i do have a deal to buy some from Talbert, thanks for looking out for me. tnku
if your still looking for some mounts I have the brakets but you would have to go get the rubber pad but I have them the drivers side is a lil bent but once you titen the bolts down it lines right up, and they are the convertion form schumacher so they are cleen and rust free.
318_ you have mail!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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