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65 Dart 440

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I' am about ready to fit the 440 in my 65 Dart, and have 1 last obsticle the power steering. Everything I have read talks about converting to manual steering but nobodys says if the 440 will fit with powersteering. I am going with custom headers, front plate motor mount. My questions are:
1. Will the motor physically fit with the power steering box?
2. If the motor will not fit, what have others done, besides switching to manual, any aftermarket powersteering that will work?
3. On seperate note, I've read a little about using a mini starter, before I spend the money is this required?

I am sure I could find out the answers to all the questions by just dropping the motor in, but would prefer to be well prepared when the day comes.

As always thank you for your help.
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