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65 Dart front U-joint help

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Anybody know where I can get the front U-joint for a 65 Dart. I can find the rear one, but am having trouble with the front. This is the smaller joint 7260.
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Your front u-joint is called a ball-and-trunnion. It requires a press (I've only been involved in getting one replaced and that was in 1981). RockAuto doesn't list it. You might try NAPA, but they are getting to be more like the Cheapo auto parts stores all the time.

Did you checking on the Ball-and-trunion and that was pre 65 or 64 and earlier. From what they told me at Mancini Racing the front and rear U-joints are the same.
Not true.
Original 65 Dart 273/235HP with 4 spd. used ball and trunnion front u-joint. This was last year.
Yup, my 65 GT with TF 904 has the ball & trunion.
Interesting sounds like some in 65 used the Ball and Trunion and some used the U-joint, because mine has a U-joint, but mine is an original V8.
Original V8 here too. Are you running the original tranny?
The Dart I worked on back in 1981 was an original 273 hi-po/904 car. I know some or more 727's had slip yoke in 1965, but I've yet to see a 65 904 with a slip-yoke (but that really is not a lot of cars)

1965 was the transition year and according to the article in this link printed below you could find both types.

1965 was the year that Chrysler phased out the ball-n-trunion driveshaft in favor of a slip yoke with a cross-n-roller U-joint. For the most part, B-body and C-body 727s were slip yoke in 1965, and A-body 904s were mostly ball-n-trunion. Since it was a transition year, both style transmissions can be found in A, B, and C bodied automatics. Almost the entire lot of 1965 A833's were ball-n-trunion, for A, B, and C body cars. Ball-n-trunions, if serviced, will last forever (make sure the dust boot isn't broken).

The 727 wasn't available in the A body until 67
Every 65 A-body and down that I've crawled under had the ball and trunion under them.  When I had Passon build my new tranny I'd ask for the newer slip in yoke.

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