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66 Dart with 440

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I got myself into a mess (project) yesterday. I pulled home a 66 Dart GT with a 440 + 727 sitting in it. The interior has been gutten, but the dash and gauges are there and are in really good shape. I am NOT concerned with keeping the nostalgia 66 look. My goals are to buld a drag car that is street legal. Something that I can take out on a Sat night and blow the doors off the punks in they Chevy's and Fords. The engine has a fresh rebuild as well as the tranny. It still has the 7 1/4 rear end, but I got a truck 8 3/4 with a 489 3.23 and I have a 3.91 sure grip pumpkin. I guess my first project is to get it running. I have a carb that I can put on it. I have a Holley electric fuel pump and a makeshift fuel cell that will work for now. I need to get a starter (probably go with a mini). I bougth a battery last night and need to get a relocation kit as well. This car has been stripped pretty good. I was thinking about putting the controls (switches) in a box mounted somewhat close to the shifter. Anyone have any info on a wiring setup/kit? I kind of need it all. Starter wires, solenoid, alternator wires, and everything else that I could need. Please help point me in the right direction.

What all do you think of leaving the chrome trim pieces off of the body? Maybe go for the smooth, clean look. I hope that doesn't offend any hardcore 66 fans.

I do not know if ALL of the chrome pieces are there or not, but I have a chance to get ahold of some really nice original 66 black bucets and the bench seat. No rips or tears. The guy wants 150$ for them all or he said he'd allow me 50$ for the chrome.

I also think that I might need tor replace the K member in the car. Any ideas on an easy way to get ahold of one of them? I believe it had a factory 273 in it. Thanks!!

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Brian, In your case I'd work from the original wiring diagram and just move the components. It's easier than just wiring from scratch. All 63-66 a-body k-members are the same whether it had a /6 or 273.

ha, sounds like my car. have you checked jegs for maybe a painless wiring kit or something? and in the case of the k member, if you have and fabrication skills, and time, you could prolly custom make one. and why put up with a makeshift fuel cell? I got one out of summit for 116 bux pluss 9.50 shiping. 16 gallons of traction in the trunk baby!
I will buy a good 16 gallon fuel cell. I just need something that will hold enough gas to get me in and out of the shed for now. I have decided on which chrome pieces I want to keep and which ones are going.

Thanks for your opinions

hell, you could use a clean milk jug for now. if its only to move it around. any luck on the wiring? are you going to rebuild, or re furbish?
If you are not going to use all os the chrome pieces on your dart please let me know. I need the the passenger side front wheel well and strip along the passenger side rocker panel. Thanks.
It's just me, but I woldn't waste your money on the stock front seats. I plan on buying racing seats so I can easily use a 5-point harness without butchering stock sets. One quick question though, what are you doing for headers? That has to be the biggest pain in the @$$ part of that swap. I'm not even looking forward to building mine. That must be why I haven't made any progress in months. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

i pulled the wheel well and rocker chrome off my cuda as well as the signals and emblems on the front fenders, and the lettering from the hood and deck lid. i think itll look better.
Hi, painless makes a universal race harness, i think you can get it in 6 or 9 circuit versions. saw it at Kragen's speed shop, but i'm sure Jegs and Summit have it too. 
you should be able to get conversion mounts from schumacher.  Doug
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