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67 Coronet Suspension rebuild parts questions

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Hi all,

I am finally getting around to fixing up my 67 Coronet. It's been sitting for about 4 years now waiting on a whole new suspension.

I've got a smaller budget, about $1300 for the suspension.

I don't have very many tools any more, and no shop to work in, so ease of install is also important. Local shops are a huge rip off, i'd rather pay more for parts that are easier to install and do it myself then pay those tards for it.

Here's the parts I'm looking at getting this items..

reinforced lower control arms.. ($125 pair, $200 core charge)
-- Greasable Pivot Pins, add $100 (I don't think it's needed, thoughts on that?)

Adjustable tublar upper control arms... .. $369

4 KYB shocks ($133 from ebay)
1 new pitman arm ($100 from, is this needed or can i get away with the exsisting one, how do i check?

I'm thinking i should go with the super frontend kit from $389 (382 on ebay), but it does some stuff that I wouldn't use, it includes
2 Upper Ball Joints
2 Lower Ball Joints
4 POLYGRAPHITE® Upper Inner Control Arm Bushings
4 POLYGRAPHITE® Lower Inner Control Arm Bushings
2 POLYGRAPHITE® Strut Rod Bushings**
2 Outer Tie Rod Ends
2 POLYGRAPHITE® Stabilizer Links for cars with conventional bolt type links
2 POLYGRAPHITE® Sway Bar Bushings (for most models)
Control Arm Bumpers (for most models)
2 Inner Tie Rod Ends
2 Tie Rod Adjusting Sleeves
1 Idler Arm
4 Upper Cam and Bolt Kits

For the rear, i'm thinking of some new springs and energy suspension bushings. A pinion snubber, even though I'm not sure what all that does.

What do you all think? Am I missing things, going overboard ?

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If you go with Bill's upper control arms, you don't need UCA bushings, or upper ball joints. If you go with the tubular strut rods, you don't need strut rod bushings. You're wasting money, IMO, with the PST kit. Call them and see about the price without those items. Or contact Just Suspension, or somebody else. Mancini had some decent prices on lower ball joints.

If it's all together right now, watch the pitman arm closely while someone moves the steering wheel back and forth. If there's play in the pitman arm, it's bad. I would leave it alone if it's still ok.

70 Dustpan's offer is pretty good. That would save you most of the $125.

All old Mopars can benefit from some stiffer torsion bars.

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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