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68 hood inserts

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Hi everyone just a quick question,can you buy 68 dart power bulge hood inserts new.Like from the aftermarket guy's or do i have to find old one's. tnku
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Like Abodyjoe said, however you can buy some nicely refurbished ones , But plan to dig Deeeep $$$
I sold some nice ones for 300, and later on I seen them on ebay for over 500 o[
No repops yet, but there have been noises made about them. Where's Rhino when you need him?

Thank's for the reply's,I just thought if anyone new it would be you guy's.How rare are these power bulge hood's,like were they made in numbers or limited run's any information on this type of hood is much appreciated..... tnku
There were around 8,000 68 GTS's built. They were the only American cars to get those inserts, but they did pop up again on the Brazilian Charger around 1974. They are very difficult to find in good shape. the basic hood is that same as the 69 GTS/Swinger 340 hood but the inserts and front emblems were different.

Anybody have measurements for them? I might make some of my own. like length width and like the height of those red things they have on the 68's
The inserts are two pieces per side with a plastic gasket underneath. I'll see if I have time tomorrow to pull mine out and get some measurements and take some pics.

i would definitely make my own if i didnt have a set.
I took some pics of my broken set.

[attachment deleted by admin]

You can see where the one broke and why (the missing stud in the first picture). I don't have the rear section of the passenger side insert or a second plastic gasket.

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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