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69 Dart Rear Tire Size

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I have been looking and looking for what the widest tire size is for a stock Dart. I am wanting to know what the widest tire with stock spring location and for relocated springs.

I saw in the Tech Pages where they show the springs being relocated but it shows with the wheel wells widend and it shows a 12.5" tire. I don't want to modify the stock wheel wells.

I have some Centerline Auto Drags for the car that are 8 1/2 wide and 5" backspacing. I used to run this same size wheel on a 'cuda and also on a Challenger w/295/50/15 with no rubbing. (attached photo)

I am sure I cannot go with a 295 with just relocated springs but I would like to run the largest I can.

Any help, photos, links to pages or threads about this will help.

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Hit the top right hand button for the Old Forum. Once there go to Engine Drivetrain forum. There is a sticky topic at the top that is 4 pages long. Alot of us posted our tire and wheel combos to help each other. Tom
I'm moving my springs with the 7/8" kit and I'm not cutting the car. So far, 235/70/15's on 6 1/2" steelies fit great.
Lots of info
Here is exactly what I was looking for and I think that this will be plenty of tire.

1970 Dart Swinger
15x8.5 Center Line Auto Drag 4.875 backspace with Mickey Thompson 28x9 ET Drag
(10.8 sidewall, 8.6 tread, 27.3 diameter) 265 60 15 very close to the same size

rear end weigth - stock
spring location - stock
hangers - stock
leaf springs - stock + my own home brew spring rate
front of wheel well lip trimed
wheel well inter lip rolled
inter wheel well lip massaged with hammer and scissor jack
outer wheel well and quater panel appears completely stock
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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