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7 1/4 a body axles the same?

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I have a slant six duster with small bolt pattern and im going to change it to big bolt soon i hope. I kept the big bolt rear end out of another slant six duster that also had big bolt disks up front.Kept them too. I was going to swap rear ends but I was wondering if the just the axles will interchage out of the rearends?
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They should fit the other housing. You just need to make sure they are the same length. You would have to swap all the brake parts too. Why not just swap the whole rear-ends?
That would prolly be easier. I was just wondering.
Agree with swapping of the whole works. If you keep the springs attached, you got the spring bolts, one brake hose and hooking up the emergency cables.
There is some intechangability issues between some of the 7 1/4 rear ends. Here's a link.
My '73's 7 1/4" had 4.5" bolt circle and non c-clip axles that were attached with five bolts. Most small bolt circle 7 1/4" axles I have seen have been attached with four bolts, the housing ends area little different. When I bolted a 8 3/4" in the place of the original '73's 7 1/4", I used the old brakes, they were a bolt on. This was a disc brake car, drum brake cars retained the 4" bolt pattern and may have a different set up. BTW, a sure grip equipped 7 1/4" is amazingly strong. Had one behind a 340 + manual, and couldn't kill it.
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