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'70 Duster and later tail light seals available

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I just picked up a set of tail light seals for my '70 Duster. They arrived today and I thought some would be interested as the topic has come up before.

There is a guy on e-bay (Marcus Morales <[email protected]>) who is making some for several different year Dusters. He also has them for '71 Demons and Dart Sports.

He shipped very promptly. They look great. Fit is fine. Material is a neoprene-like dense black foam. They're 1/2" thick like the originals. The detail at the middle on both ends is like the originals - not exact (radius is a little different) but close enough as it's not visible once installed.I believe the Demon ones are the same but without the flair in the middle.

I don't know if the factory installed them dry or not. My originals had been off before and had a hard black sealer on them. I plan to use black 3M strip caulk (dum dum)for a more positive seal between everything.

Marcus was responsive to emails and very easy to deal with. And no, I'm not being compensated for this plug.

As soon as someone can tell me how to get photo attachments to show up you'll have pics :)
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Thats good to hear. I was looking at a set now i guess i buy them. Thanks
I got mine from Year one, in 1996 for a 1973 Duster.
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