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71 Demon alignment specs

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hey guys i'm looking for all the measurements and points that everything should be at. i'm going to get my entire frame aligned up on a jig so i was wondering if you guys had the specs for it?
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The original specs are sometimes dated. Best results will be with the maximum positive caster with a slight (very slight) negative camber (1/8 degree or so) and about 1/16" toe-in. Play with the caster to compensate for road crowns (a little more on the right)

you don't happen to have like the 1 where it shows the bottom of teh car and gives the tolerences everything should be in?

that's what i'm basically looking for
I have shop manuals with factory specs. I don't like the way the factory measure ride height (too hard to check). I measure the distance from the LCA to the frame and like to have about 1" between the LCA bumper and the frame. I can post the factory numbers later.

i went ahead and was able to track down a frame chart should be here umm tomorrow maybe it's coming from Texas.
I have a 70 Duster and have been looking for frame specs for it for a while with no luck. It use to be a race car and is more that likely twisted some. I would love if you could post your Demon specs or please
e-mail them to me. Thanks very much.
I dunno about frame specs and such. But the factory alignment settings blow with radial tires.if it is a street car Jim hit the nail on the head with his suggestion.
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