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71 demon kick panels

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Hi all, my kick panels in my 71 demon have had speaker holes cut in them. my question is will any a body kick panels fit or do they have to come from a demon or duster? thanks tim
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Dunno, but I'll trade you my unmolested '69 Dart kick panels for the ones you have (as long as they look nice) if they fit!
most any should fit.

They did the same crap to mine!!!!!

i ended up getting some off ebay along with 1 a pillar trim and sexy!!!!

i still have the other kick panels as well in the trunk
Yeah there all the same up to '76 I was skeptical about cutting holes in to mine but there just was'nt enough sound in the front so I went ahead and cut them for some 4" try speeker, looks OK. but I only cut the holes after aquiring about
4 set of kick panels ;)  and now I can actaully here some of the radios sounds while the Dart is running ;D
I've been cutting them for years, but I have a nice un-cut set for my GTS.

I didn't cut holes in them on my old Valiant I drilled a pattern of 1/8" holes in them and mounted some slim-line speakers behind them.
Hi guys got a set from 73 valiant, tan colored mint. Washed the kick panels, with plastic cleaner and edhesion promotor, painted them with colormar plastic bumper paint, turned out perfect. thanks again, tim
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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