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73 to 72 conversion is it possible

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I have a 73 dart in great shape ,i think i like the 72 front clip better ,what do i need to convert if possible and would i need to change anything on the rear .thanks
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It's been done before. You need to swap pretty much the whole nose of the car. If you can find a complete donor car then if not all that hard. Trying to find all the parts part by part could be a pain.
yea basically you need the entire front clip... best bet is like already stated find a donor car...
Also a 4 door car will work as a donor car. The front nose is the same as a 2 door.
Mine is a '74 in which I now have a '70, '71, and '72 front end on it. You can retain your '73 fenders so your marker lights will match the rear ones, but will have to add support tabs for the latch header panel under the hood...


Hope that works
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It's not too hard to do, like said just change the front. Easiest way is to find a donor car.
73 can be done. One thing we often forget that Dart fenders are more radiused for a larfer front tire as where Duster fenders werent. You'll not be able to use a larger tire with Duster fenders w/o possibly cutting raduises larger. Dart fenders are a better choice in my book. My son derrick has a 73 Sport and the same front tire I have and didnt have to cut a darn thing like I did. JUST FYI[B/]
on a dart, the front of pre 73 fenders are different, they have the fender extension, the 73 doesnt, they are similar to 67-69. a duster you could get away without changing the fenders.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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