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74 Dart - pointy nose

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I have 74 Dart Swinger - think Dart with a pontiac nose. I want to replace the front to look more like a 69-70 flat nose
Anyone done this have any ideas. My hood does not come all the way to the front. It stops short of the nose piece
I also will have to replace the grill and the bumper.
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davemac said:
I have 74 Dart Swinger - think Dart with a pontiac nose. 
Did you say Pontiac nose?
Oops sorry - I ment Dodge ugly pointy nose
I've seen people that have done- it shouldn't be to difficult- might not be perfect bolt on but I'm sure with a little ingenuity you can make it work- every thing in front of the doors will need to be changed! I like personnaly like that front end!

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I have done this many times. From 70 to 75 and from 74 to 70.

You have to change the hood, grille,bumper, and bumper brackets, both front fenders, and that piece widt the hood lock. In other words, you must change all the parts from your doors an forward.
Its all more or less to bolt rigt on. Maybe you have to drill a hole or two, but thats it.

Sorry for my not so good english, i'm from Norway.....  **(*)

Here is my old 70 Swinger. (yeah, a four door Swinger)  :eek:
With 75 front end.

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68-69 hood & grille will fit,you can keep you 74 fenders. might have to do some minor mods.
Hey Norway: No need for an apology on the english. This Mopar language is universal. It all spells POWER. We can handle you if you can handle us Hillbillies from Missouri. I use to work for an outfit that had operation in the north sea but i worked the Alaska section on the North Slope. Would like to see your world sometime as we like to travel. Always nice to hear from Norway.
Bill Stone
West Plains, Mo.
I just swapped the front bumper and brackets for a plymouth one. This pulled the bumper back in a mile and no bumper guards. it still has the pointy nose but it really cleaned up the front of the car and even the pointy nose looks much better.

I cant find a decent pic. here is one with the headlight bezel out.

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What was your doner vehicle for that swap - looks good
With a little body mod on the nose and grill I should be able to get the look I am after.
Cool - Thanks tnku tnku

Tomorrow AM on the prowl to the local yards (2 within 10 miles) 0/

I like the flat nose look and a willing to do the mods if necessary
I looked on line at ebay for 68 grill and bumper :eek: :eek: $200 bucks for a plastic grill and I gave up on watching the bumper at $300+.
They were not even in great shape for that money!! Think I'll put my money into HP for the 360 going into this toy
that makes sense. if you do it right all anyone sees is the tail lights any way. ;D
'll make you a`great deal on complete ftont end with bumper,grill,hood,fenders,
you should be able to get an old 4 door at a salvage yard for around 500 bucks -just find one with a good front end. I passed up a good deal like that last year then i changed my mind and went back to get it, but someone beat me to it. It was a 4 door 1970 swinger with a perfect front end. I should have snagged it. They only wanted $400 for the whole thing. oh well - i learned from that mistake -Evan
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