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8 3/4 vs. Dana 60

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I was hoping to get a couple of peoples opinions as to wether or not to leave the 8 3/4 rearend in my duster or buy a dana 60 from my dad. The 8 3/4 is a 741 housing, and i have both a 3.55 posi and a 4.56 posi pig for it. The dana 60 is brand new, it was built for an e body, it has a 4.11 posi in it i beleive. My car is a 70 duster with relocated super stock springs already set up for the 8 3/4 with brakes and everything, it has a 440, .040 over, ported and polished 906's with 2.14/ 1.81 valves, 850 holley, 727 with a 4400 rpm stall converter, im hopin the motor to put out about 500 or so at the wheel, and i am doin a mini tub with 13.5" mickey thompson et streets. Down the road i intend on doin a 4 link with a 9" or a moser 60, i am wondering if i will snap the 8 3/4 after a couple runs or if it will hold up for a couple years. The car is gonna be mainly a street/show car, but i will make some runs down the strip, but i want to make sure im not gonna break anything cause there is nothing worse than towing ur car home when you drove it there. I know that there have been a couple of other people in this situation or a very similar one and i was hoping to get some good advice. Thanks Alot for the advice.
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I'd run the 8 3/4, then if a problem arrises go with the Moser 60....Just my $.02
The 8 3/4 will work fine for you.
If you're running an automatic trans, you should be fine with the combination of use you are describing. If you go with a four speed and slicks, that's when you need to start thinking of a more stout rear end...
[]{} the dana from your dad's e-body will have to be cut and new perches and new axles purchased. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ your 8 3/4 will only need the $20 spring perches.

isn't the 741 the small bolt pattern? and if so can a person just upgrade the axles to the large bolt pattern? sorry for jumping in with this question but i think it will inform both of us.
The 741 is just the center section case number (last three digits of the casting #)---has nothing to do with the bolt pattern. All a-body factory 8 3/4 were small bolt pattern---but many have been changed to large bolt pattern by previous owners. So its not really uncommen today to find a big bolt a-body rear---it was just never factory.

My 2 cents, When running down the track/street at a 120 MPH do you want your 8 3/4 to break loose? and if so what happens then? your dead. Save your money and get the Danna in the car. Why risk it?? PS the word will tell you that you dont need it till you snap the axil in your 8 3/4. Good luck Cheers
I would stay with the 8 3/4. But I would buy some Mark Williams billet main caps and have them set up on your center section. Seem many of them break a stock main cap.
the 8 3/4 will work just fine, dont believe the hype about them scattering into a million pieces the first time you hook up.
I don't know everything about everything, but I don't believe rears typically break at 120 mph. They break on the launch, or maybe from the 1-2 shift. But if it lives through those you'll be fine, and in your case it will live just fine.
741 case has the small pinion better off with a 489 case or 742 case less chance of breaking is on a hard launch 0/
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