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A-body 8 3/4 - too short

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Wanted to start this thread because of several reasons.

Cut down an 8 3/4  housing for my 68 Dart before Christmas.  Used the 8 3/4 dimension chart in the BigBlockDart tech section and it listed the stock A-body 8 3/4 flange to flange length (A) as 51 1/4".  I didn't have a spare housing with the brakes off at the time, so I took it for gospel and had a C-body housing cut down.

Tried to install the brakes, chunk and axles and found the new cut down housing to be too short!!  Measured a friends A-body housing and it was 52 5/8 - almost 1 1/2" too short!!

So heres the question:

1) Seems the info in the tech section is incorrect and needs to be corrected.  Who can update the matrix?

2) What is the best (and hopefully cheapest) method to properly fix the problem so that the existing SB stock axles and 10" brakes will fit with no mechanical issues?  Not really interested in using this rearend anytime soon so I may be selling it off, but can't sell a lemon.

Open to comments.  Appears the tapper on the axle shaft hits the chunk such that I can't just machine off 1/2" off the end of each axle.  Thought about adding 1/2" to the end of each flange . . . but looking for better solutions (other than cutting down another housing).

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dartman, Dimensions listed anywhere are not sufficient for anything other than reference. There are as many sources as people making the measurments. If not switching known stock components with known stock components you run the risk of parts that don't mate. And even then you can run into trouble with tapered axles and such.

While i agree that it should be reference only, (measure twice yourself and cut once), i know for a fact that measuremnt in the tech section is wrong too. 2 that i measured came out to about 52 5/8" - 52 3/4" also. It was hard to tell exactly because of housing twist.

I just went and looked it's also wrong on the 8 3/4 for the B Bodysa too.
You could think about aftermarket axles, or having your housing lengthened - like you mentioned. Other than that, the only way i can think of is to find another housing.
New axles are probable the better wat to go. Not to sure about 30yr old stock axles and BB power.
Appreciate the responses.

Not indending on using this 8 3/4 with any BB power but would like to salvage a good A-body 8 3/4 for 340 use or resale.
Seems that extending the housing flange about .75 per side would solve the problem.

Earlier comment on the reference table.  Not crying about the incorrect info, my mistake for not double checking before spending $$$ to shorten the housing BUT the table does need to be fixed.

If the original is not available for modification, I would be happy to put it in excel and correct the stock A-body lenth.  Wouldn't want the same problem to hit someone else.

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Just measured an 8 1/4" and it 51-1/4", go figure.
Sell the housing to a guy like me, I need slightly narrow rear. Want to trade for a 66 b-body rear with the spring perches inboard?
Jack, you got axles with that 66 B body rearend?
The axle chart is a scan and there is a link on that page to the book it came from. Any stuff in the tech section should be correct, or what's the sense in having it there? We might need to make a group effort and verify those numbers. I'll see what the mods say.

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