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A-body Dart 440 BB Shock tower brace

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Does anybody have a pictures of, or made a shock tower brace to support the shock towers from flexing inward. doh..As i had to cut out the front inner part of the fender well away to use the fenderwell Hooker Supercomp Headers. In so doing  i have lost some shock tower support and now the upper shocks  have a little flexing....I heard of guys with Big Block in A-body, Darts, Dusters,Baracuda's.ect. Using a shock tower support or as in the import world called: a strut tower brace...I have a six point cage; frame connectors...But don't want to go through the fire walls  to weld bars in, as i won't have the space to remove the headers, if need be...Please help guys/Gals as the flexing cant be good for handleing with a 600 Hp 0/ Engine going down the street...As this car is only a pro street car and not a full out race car as some may think it to be.....Thanks for any assistance you all may provide.  tnku Chow,Brian Beck. o----o<>
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I don't think having the inner aprons cut out without having a bar at least from the engine bay side of the firewall is a good idea. Your frame rails now have no vertical support. The upper shock mount could be made with a U shaped tube welded to the frame rail, but I would worry about rail support first. The rails were designed to work with all the engine bay sheet metal. o----o<>
You cut out the front? Should be the rear for the headers. If your cut was only what was required you're probably ok. A solution to the flexing might be a pair of side bars from the shock tower down to the frame.

Oops didn't read front. There are a lot of pics in the gallery. I have 6-8 of them saved to my favs. o----o<>
you may have to go thru the fire wall but it makes it stiff as can be, probly better than stock

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If you mount those bars about 6" higher on the rear (on the heater plenum) you can get fenderwell headers in and out no problem, did mine that way.
I dont have any problems with my Hooker f/exits, infact they are a snap to put in & out with a RB engine in the car o----o<>
Heres a few additional pics

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