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A-body rear end width 8 3/4

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I know this has been asked, I've read many many posts but can't find what I'm looking for.

I'm opening up my stock wheel wells to the frame rails as per the tech article, moving my springs in to the frame rails as per the tech article, and I'm getting an 8 3/4out of a c body, to get cut down. I doesn't look like I need to be absolutly perfect here because I haven't bought wheels yet and can order the specific offset I will need. I'll be running 10.5 MT slicks, or 11" if I can fit them in there. I know this has been done quite a few times, probably the exact same thing as it is a common combination.

What rear end width do any of you have or know of in this combination or any other idea? I may even go with a ford 9", I have two of those too, out of fairlanes.

After reading the posts I know in the end I need to measure about 10 times so I only have to cut once. But the more info I have the better I feel about the whole thing.
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I just had a c-body reaer cut down, I had it narrowed 4 inches narrower than the a-body. I just called moser and ordered axles 2" shorter than the abody and told them I was using the c-body brakes. but I haven't moved the wells yet . the rear and springs have already been moved. I haven't ordered rims and tires yet.

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It is very Important that you either get the wheels that you want to use or make sure you figure the width out for the rite backspacing. Not all wheels come in any backspacing!!! Just ask me how I know!!!!

P.S. This is very important!! ;D -0*(
I got these wheels for christmas and figured out that they would not work. After figuring that out I found out I could not get the same wheel in the backspacing I needed. This was my own fault probably from the lack of experience. But It was a lesson learned, fortunately It didn't cost anyone money. -0*(

Don't mind the cat, he's an attention whore! ;D

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I went backwards I guess. I had a pair of 12 x 15 Welds from another car. I priced a new set of wheesl vs. Moser cutting my housing and axles. It was cheaper to cut the housing so I put a set of slicks on rims. Moved the wheel housings to the frame. Put the tihe tires up under the car and measured from inside side one rim to the other. Boxed up the housing with the measurements. Crossed my fingers and shipped it. When it came back, I put the rear end under the car and bolted the rims up to it. Put the purches on, centered the rear end under the car, adjusted the pinion angle, and welded the purches on. So there is an option for ya.
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