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Afco shocks

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Who has the best price on Afco shocks?
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Iam looking for a better front shock and think the single adjustable would work.I saw them in the Jegs and Summit catalogs and went on the web site for them.They look nice and do they valve them special for each car or just all the same?
The adjustables are all valved the same - they have a pretty wide adjustment range though. Actually, I believe I can request custom valving in them, but it takes forever. I used to get them to specially valve their hotrod shocks for me, but they were the non-adjustables.
I'm not sure on the exact price, I can beat summit by a couple bucks, but more importantly, I always modify the Afcos to fit in the stock shock mounts.
What modifications have to be made? You dont show them on your web site or else I would of contacted you from there. tnku
I have a mountain of things to get up on the site yet - probably 10 times the amount that's up there now. Slow but sure...

The lower afco mounts have a 1" wide bearing, or a bushing thats way too wide. I change the bottom hole to use the correct width bushing and a 7/16 bolt. Also a stud-top of course.
That cool I didnt know that. How long is the shock extended?Send me a price as it sounds like a good deal. Thank you for your time. Gary
Not to rob this thread, but, Bill, Do you have the monosprings they make? are they any good? I wanted to try them but haven't heard anything about them. I am wondering this cause they are so cheap. Thanks in advance!!
Afco springs don't fit regular cars. "Chrysler type" only refers to the front bushing design. The springs are totally different lengths than our springs - specifically, the front segment is something like 4" shorter.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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