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I was just curious as to how this new system works, And what it does. Is it hard to install? I've been having a problem with the chally...Any weight in the trunk and it sags right down. I really don't want the SSsprings, they ride too hard. I thought of air shocks, but I hear they also will make the ride unbearable too. I do mostly cruzin with the car, but at times traveling to shows out of town with a loaded trunk is a problem. Maybe I could benefit from a Air Ride system.... ???...Lets hear about it...Please.... ;)

Honestly, I really like it. Of course there's the obvious bling of adjusting the height from your seat - there's even a remote if you want.
But overall, the ride is really nice, and you can compensate for loads.
The rear 4-bar for B and E's is fairly simple to install - it's mostly bolt-on, although the tabs on top of the rear axle need to be welded. The upper link brackets on the frame are bolt on with some drilling, and there are backing plates that go behind the rear seat. The lower links just bolt in place of the leaf spring mounts.

If you don't have the alterktion, you could also use airrides front fix, which requires tube uppers and uses one of their small rear shocks. It still requires the t-bars as a helper, but you turn them way down so the air shock handles most of the load and allows the height adjustment.

The downside is it aint cheap. The rear kit is 1995. Compressors vary depending what you want. There are simple 2-wheel compressors for a few hundred, 4-wheel digital readout, Fully automatic 4-wheel($2000), ect, ect.
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