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alterktion ouners?????

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for all you alterktion ouners, did you get powersteering or not? im tryin to decide. bill says i might have room in my 64 dart for power steering with the hew 5.7 hemi. dont know for sure yet.
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I got the manual rack. I would order the same way again!
got manual, and it's much easier to steer than the factory setup
Manual rack..... ;D ;D
rjsjea said:
Manual rack..... ;D ;D
Same here...

Power Rack here, love it. It drives great...
CFster. why are you switching to power??
Well, the manual rack is 4 turns lock to lock. The power is 2.25.

I find that with 4 turns that I have to do a lot of "steering" - not sure what other way to put it. I'm also afraid that if I got it crossed up on the highway I'd be in trouble - I'd have to do a lot of sawing of the wheel to save it. Bear in mind this is a street car only. I've also found that to run the caster I want to run, the steering gets pretty heavy and jarring.

With power steering (especially with the Heidts adjustable valve), I should be able to dial in how heavy my steering is, and crank up the caster as much as possible (caster is desirable).
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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