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Amazing revelation from underneath the Dart...

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UNDERCOATING SUCKS!!If I ever catch up with the clown who had this car triple-dipped... )(/*
The spring reloc. job would be easy, but Ive had to  brush my teeth I dont know how many times now... doh
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I just did mine. I used a blunt flat edge tool in an air chisel. The undercoating was so dried up and hard from 1969, it feel off in chunks! It actually came off in 2" square chunks in some areas. The vibrations loosen all kinds of dust and dirt so wear protective stuff. Just let the tool dig in and work it at a low angle so the chisel pushes at the edge of the stuff.. What is left can be removed with a 4" angle grinder with a stiff wire cup wheel. My car is in cold storage most of the time unitl I go to work on it. I don't think this would work at all if the stuff is soft. I was very surprised at how well it came off. It might work for you. Good luck.
It should peel off like butter with a torch. I used an acetylene B tank.

No matter how you do it, it is a big pain in the neck. I only have 2 wheel wells left, it's hard to get ambition when it is 20* outside.
Man do I know what you're talking about! I was welding in outriggers from the connectors to the sill for the roll bar to sit on and I blow my nose and it's just black. Not as bad as when I was mini tubbing though. That almost gave me the black lung.

been there ,my dart not was only undercoated but was zebarted too.did the whole car the hard way, on stands just me, myself and i. o[ o[ o[ o[
definately a pain to remove, but that undercoating did save my car from being a rust bomb...Illinois cars tend to do that

I used a torch as b569rr mentioned and it came off fairly easy but the fumes were pretty bad
Heat guns work better. Like a super heated blow drier. A friend of mine used one to peal off paint fumes.
This is the time of year to take undercoat off. Leave the torches to the side, just use a big rubber hammer and literally beat it off in chunks. The cold holds it together and makes it brittle.
[]{} I was amazed at how mine fell off also. The car was about 20 degress F and I used a blunt tool in an air chisel. Big pieces came off. The vibs also loosened all the dirt.
Hard to remove some undercoating on the Charger to do some work on it... torch worked well... so did the grinder with a wire wheel up on it...
Snap On makes a caulk, sealer, and undercoat remover called a crud thug they are pricey but work pretty well
Well- I got through it alive!! I went through a few different items to get rid of the stuff and what worked best was the needle gun. Gave me Navy flashbacks (if its bolted down, strip it and paint it...) This stuff was really thick, and fairly soft, so the gun had to mash it to dust, but it worked. I was wary about the torch idea as I didnt pull the fuel lines out... thanks for the ideas though guys! Did I mention that the job came out terrific?? I think the Dart drives straighter than it did when I started!! Thanks to the tech pages!! I left the outer portion of rail intact- I think that is a good idea. Now to come up with the coin to get wheels and tires under there...
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