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Anybody tried these?

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Gibson RAM magnum truck headers

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the top ones would flow better. look at it. and think of firing order. 1 84 3 6 57 2
The top one looks like it should bolt right up yo existing exhaust system??
I've always wondering about those headers if they would work or not, never had the money to see if they would work.  They sure look like they'd work, but......

Yeah, but they do show up

on eBay fairly often and occasionally in the local trading post. I'd buy a set and try them if I had something to pu them on if they won't work on my Dart. But I drive a Hemi Ram and my wife's got a 4.7 Jeep. It looks like the flange may need to be cut off and re-done a bit, but if the #1 pipe don't come down to low they might just work.
is that a 3" dump? it looks kinda scronny.
I'd like to see how wide those pretty chromies are, that is how far they stick out to the side from the head. The Spitfires are built like "block huggers" to stick close to the block in the '63 to '66 A body cars that are a couple of inches nerrower between the inner fenders than the '67 and up A bodies.
3404bbl said:
Gibson RAM magnum truck headers
see where the gibsons 4 to 1 collector is???

right in the way of the steering...

altho I have never tried myself, it looks like that collector is right in the way...
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maybe you could fabricate them to really hug the block?
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