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I wanted to give everybody an opportunity to hear their favorite artists, or groups on "The Bankers Music Box" forum, so here's your chance to make those requests! thmsup

When making your requests, please remember the following guidelines:

(01) The artist that you'd like me to add to the forum MUST have their music videos posted on Youtube.

(02) Your requests for "The Bankers Music Box" MUST be for complete albums, or complete concerts only! If you'd like to hear an individual song, you can post that here on the "B.B.D. Juke Box" forum yourself.

(03) If you are able to provide me with Youtube music video links for the album(s), or concert(s) that you'd like me to add to the forum, that would be very appreciated as it will save me time searching for the music you'd like to hear. tnku

(04) If I'm not able to find what you've requested, I will let you know in a reply to your request.

I will also mention that there are many groups and individual artists, or the folks who own the copyrights to their music that do not allow their music to be posted on Youtube, so finding anything for those artists is difficult at best.

Thank you and I hope that you all enjoy these two new B.B.D. music forums!

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