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B-Body Headers In An A-Body

I mentioned to Darrin Kast that I heard B-body headers will fit with a low-deck in an A-body. Well, for $120 vs. $600, he didn't hesitate to give it a try. Special thanks to him for trying this with nothing but my say-so. I'm glad to say they fit as well, if not better than some other purpose built headers, and are 1/5th the cost. Read on...

Driver Side

Hood Motor vehicle Vehicle Bumper Automotive design

Hood Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Automotive fuel system

Here they are folks. Standard Hedman B-body headers and a 383. Manual steering is required, and starter access isn't very good, but they fit with just a few dings.

Automotive tire Helmet Personal protective equipment Space Art

Automotive tire Gas Rim Auto part Motor vehicle

In the above two photos, you can see where steering box clearance is tight. The circles tell the story. Darrin tells me all the dings he made were very big dents anywhere.

Tire Wheel Vehicle Hood Automotive tire

Automotive tire Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive design Synthetic rubber

Two more areas on the driver side are near the torsion bar and the steering centerlink. both areas required a ding, but again, nothing we're not used to doing already with these cars.

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Wheel Automotive design Alloy wheel

Here you can see that starter access isn't anything to write home about, but again...$89 :)

Passenger Side

Hood Automotive lighting Guitar accessory Automotive tire Fender

Jaw Paint Auto part Metal Font

Clearance against the inner fender is tight, but works. I'd imagine you'd need a torque strap to limit engine movement to prevent rattles here...maybe not though. we'll see when Darrin gets it running.

Automotive tire Alloy wheel Motor vehicle Wheel Bicycle part

Underside clearance is fine on this side...'nuff said
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