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Barracuda -65 383/727 Sweden

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I have had my Barracuda a long time and now it´s time!

I did build headers ones, but you all know that´s not work well, unless you cut the fenders…!
Now Ím going another route…
I saw this done on a C-body here Sweden, so I will try…! Building my own manifolds, starting with passenger side:

Motor vehicle Wood Automotive exterior Automotive lighting Folk instrument

Motor vehicle Hood Automotive exterior Bumper Vehicle door

Wood Cutlery Tableware Tool Quill

Wood Bumper Rectangle Motor vehicle Gas

Automotive exterior Motor vehicle Font Auto part Tints and shades

Tire Automotive tire Wood Tread Bumper
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that is by far one of the most interesting things I've seen posted here in a long while. I cant wait to see how these turn out!
Your a person with a lot of patience and fabrication skills. I hope they work out well for you. Good Luck!
Driver side:
Not finished yet, some trouble with my weldingmashine…
I going with 3” exhaust and I’m gonna have to modify the floor next to the transtunnel for clerance.

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Line Wood Gas

Wood Automotive tire Font Art Tints and shades

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Hood Vehicle Asphalt

Hood Automotive tire Vehicle Motor vehicle Car

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive lighting Coil spring Automotive exterior

Brown Motor vehicle Car Vehicle Automotive fuel system
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B-engine/early A-body exhaust manifold finished! 😃
Hood Wood Bumper Motor vehicle Automotive lighting

Table Bumper Wood Automotive exterior Trigger

Tire Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle Bumper

Light Guitar accessory Wood Guitar Automotive exterior
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Exhaust manifold in car:

Hood Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive exterior Vehicle registration plate

Driver side:
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Wood Bumper Automotive exterior

Passenger side:
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Wood Bumper Automotive exterior

Passenger side, down low:
Hood Automotive tire Automotive exterior Fender Tints and shades

Driver side, steering colum:
Automotive tire Automotive exterior Bumper Auto part Automotive wheel system

Driver side, down low:
Automotive lighting Gas Tints and shades Bumper Wood

Driver side, down low:)
Hood Automotive lighting Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bumper

Need a little more welding and grinding, then I get on with the rest of the exhaustsystem!
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