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Been awhile Looking for info on my Dart's whereabouts!! Red Deer Alberta maybe???

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Wasn't sure which area to post this, but I chose this one nonetheless.

Looking for info on the where abouts of my Turbine Bronze 68 Dart GT. Sold it to a mopar guy in Whitborne Newfoundland around 10 years ago. I saw it on the interwebs up for sale in Red Deer Alberta a few years after that. I contacted that seller, but no response from him whatsoever for reasons unknown??

Some of the regulars here may remember it. Hopefully someone can help me track it down.

Thanks guys
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hey. I remember you!

welcome back. there's a few old timers still around or that come by on occasion. do you still have the original VIN? that by far is going to be your best bet in tracking it down I would imagine. I managed to track down my first car using that and a couple of the websites for 'find my old car' sort of stuff. it did cost me a couple of bucks to do it, but I was eventually able to find it...

sadly, in my case, it had been wrecked and crushed. (not the fate one would hope for for a '68 GTX, but such is the world)

I also found my old truck via Carfax, but their records only go back so far. (it too had been crushed)

definitely let us know if you manage to find it!
@codfish if he’s a Mopar guy, and attends any events, someone at Northern Mopars may have seen the car or know it’s whereabouts.

The biggest Mopar show of the year in Alberta is in Red Deer during the summer.

(I know the thread is almost a year old - but he might still be looking!)
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