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Biased leaf springs

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i've had mancini heavy duty leaf springs on my BBdart for a year now and i'm just not happy with the way they make the car sit. The passenger side spring has a ton more arch than the drivers side and the car sits like its got flat tires on one side. I bought some adjustable rear shackles and put the drivers side shackle in the lowest position and the passenger side in the tallest position, this helped some but the car still sits crooked. Anyone know any other tricks i might try to get this car leveled out?? I cant use lowering shocks wont have enough travel. I really dont like the idea of using different tensions on the torsion bars either. I had seen on another thread where someone suggested taking leaf springs and having them de-arched? I dont know if anyone local does that kind of stuff here, or how to go about finding someone like that. I think i should have just saved some more money and gotten the mono leafs with some caltracs :-\ Suggestions appreciated. tnku
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For the rear you could mount some sliders and weld a steel shim between the slider box and the frame. Go to my gallery. You could make a new hole in the front spring hanger box. My s/s springs sit the same way. I figure they will level out with my foot mashed to the floor.

the springs have been moved to the INSIDE of the framerail by the previous owner by reusing the front hangers and making some new rear hangers out of some angle steel. I cant add anymore holes to the front hanger, there just isnt enough room. I could maybe do sliders, but i'm trying to keep the cutting and welding to a minimum. I wondering what would happen if i take the passenger side spring apart and remove a leaf ??? Even with my adjustable shackles i added, there is still a 1.5 inch difference from one side to the other. That doesnt sound like much but it looks way worse than it sounds :-\
I don't know where you are because there's no location in your profile. In Milwaukee we have a spring shop called National Spring - found them in the yellow pages. They can re-arch springs. Look around and see if there's a shop in your area. That would be the best solution, IMO because it will give you the ride height you want without altering the spring's front/rear ratio. Taking a leaf out will mess that up.
i'm in North Carolina. I'll look again in the yellow pages and see if i cant come up with something. Any idea what the going rate is for a shop to take some arch out of a set of springs?
1.5 inches is quite a difference. I am at 3/4". Are your T bars adjusted properly?

i havent actually measured to see if the T bars are set correctly. I would assume they are b/c the car sat level before i changed out the stock leaf springs for the mancini heavy duty ones. I"ll measure the T bars anyway to be sure, i'm fairly certain that the problem is in the leaf springs.
its not neccessary. This is street/strip car so leaf springs will work just fine, plus i dont have tons of money to just throw at my car. I'm trying to make do with what i already have. Anyone know what kind of ill effects on handling might occure if i adjust the torsion bars to different tensions?? I really dont like this idea if its gonna make this car handle any worse then it already does.
Look in the phone book under heavy truck repairs, and look for a shop that does springs. Around here they are usually listed as spring and alignment shops.
Simple fix.............

Have my X-Wife sit in the passenger seat, that'll level it out.... %)
hey thats a thought! but will i need to install another 440 in the trunk to make up for the extra weight?? :p
I'd go with a 572 Hemi and a 5.13 gear, I doubt a 440 will be able to pull the load
a guy i work with gave me a name and number of a place in a neighboring city that does spring work for big trucks, i'm going to give them a call next week and see if they can do anything for me and how much it would cost. Another idea i had was to use a lowering block just on the passenger side, and then purchase one shock that has a little more travel. I have QA1's on the rear, i would think they would have another shock for my application that is a hair longer. I'll get this damn car to sit level one way or another o[
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