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Biggest rear tires on a 66 BCuda

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Have a 66 Barracuda, stock spring location , stock 8 3/4 rear, street driven.
What is the biggest 1`4" and 15" tireI can get under there and what
backspace on the rims? Can I go 2.35-60-14 or 15? 2.45's??
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I have bfg 235/60R-15 drag radials on my dart, but I moved the springs in 3/4". It is possible that they would fit with the springs in the stock location, but it would be tight on the spring side.
i run 245 60 14 and have 1/4 inch till i hit the spring and 1" till i hit the wheel well
DVJ Cuda- thanks! - what is the size of your rims and most importantly, your backspacing
275 - 60 - 15 on 9 1 / 2 steel cop rims, car is mini tub

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DJVCuda, do you have a photo of those tires and rims. I have 225 - 60 x 14" BFG's on 6" rims right now, but wanted to go to the 245 - 60 x 14". The one thing that had me worried was how much sidewall bulge I'd have with those tires on a 6" rim. :-\ Thanks.
i had pix on here a while back.. there on my home computer for sure..i'll post them tonight when I get home

the back of the tire does rub the springs under hard corners, but I have had those tires on the car for 12 years and it just shines them... 0/
Thanks for the reply. Shine is fine, but scuff is rough. doh
Im running 265/50 BFG
Standard tubs
-65 Valiant
14" steelies
With all the help I've gotten from this board, tha one single thing I keep running into is when someone asks about the biggest tire size they can get under a stock, unmodified early A body. It seems that it never fails someone will respond with "Mine is minutubbed and..." or " I moved the springs and... or I radiused the wheelwells and the tires stick out like a ricer, but...

Just kidding on that last one, folks LOL

But really What is the largest practical size on a stock spring location, non tubbed (Mini or MAXI), non radused, rear wheelwell on a '64ragtop Dart??? Now how about the front???

Thanks a bunch. folks, and no offense meant to anyone!

geeez,,,i only have 33 x 22 on a 15 inch wide rim,,under my 66 b-cuda,,,how can i get more?????
fstfish66 said:
geeez,,,i only have 33 x 22 on a 15 inch wide rim,,under my 66 b-cuda,,,how can i get more?????
Go HERE!!!

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now thats a set of tiressssssssssssssssssssssss
fstfish66 said:
now thats a set of tiressssssssssssssssssssssss
Thought you'd like 'em, now get out that BFH and the blue tipped wrench, and
don't forget to post pictures!!!
send me an e mail address ill send you a pic,,,,im not a computer geek,,dont know how to post a pic,,ive asked on here only got smart A$$$$$$$$$$$$ replys,,,thought this way a family,,,,,

e mail me youre e mail address
Pro-street 66 Cuda

Hi Fstfish66,

I am currently building a 66 Barracuda just like yours and I wanted to know how you welded your 4 link or ladder bar clip to the rear of your car? Do you have any pictures you could send me?
I asked a few years ago and your correct, meats mean spring relocation or tubs. I tried a set of 275/60R15 for giggles (had a set of custom 5 on 4 15 rallys at the time) and they hit, but even some smaller ones ran into a snag. I couldnt even get them on without taking the shock off so the rear would fall down enough to fit the tire up in there. I think 245's are about it on a STOCK rear/spring/fender/rim combo and that encroaches on the safety margin of the rim width. Tires are so much better today traction wise. sticky street/drag radials are better than the old M&H Dragmaster slicks your dad ran. only the guys who run some wide tires now can tell you for sure.
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