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blower motor in the way of valve covers.

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I would like to put aluminum valve covers on my 440 but the blower motor is in the way. Any ideas?

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Bill has a part number for a small diameter motor or go without a heater.

Isn't there a short blower motor on those rear-defroster cars that works for this application??
Yup, last discussion on this (on the old board) indicated they were not available new any more. But if you're doing the junkyard thing and find one that works, you're good to go.
Hey ojaidart, just posted a pic of my success with the same problem. what year is the dart? mine's a 72 and i used the MP aluminum covers. Check out the pic and lemme know if ya want that part number for the advance auto motor.

i dunno how different the earlier and later a-bodies heater box assemblies are, but might be worth a shot.
I have the short blower in my 75 Dart.....FREE....but its $2700 to leave it in the car and drive it out to can keep the car too! )(/*
Here's the fellow that had them last year - He only had 9 of them, so I don't know if he has any left. I used one and it works great.

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