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Body filler

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My dad and I are just getting started on the body work on our 66 dart GT. My question is, Do you guys use BONDO brand body filler, or is there other stuff out there that works better. The body is in excellent shape so we won't need much.
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I don't use Bondo brand. Don't like the way it sands. Evercoat makes a line (Rage Gold) that is very popular. Right now I'm using something by USC called Featherite. Get some glaze too to finish off the job. Sands and feathers very fine with less porosity than straight filler.
Where can you buy that stuff?
I like the Evercoat stuff too. I get it at the local paint store.
evercoat rage gold. i get it at th epaint store. i have a few gallons ofdifferent bondo brand stuff that was given too me, it stays in the cabinet. even if i run out of rage. ill use it on someone elses car, not mine.
I use USC Basecoat/Clearcoat Filler, It kicks but. Most fillers like bondo brand are part filler part polyfiller they sand soft and smooth so you don't need to put a glaze over them. I don't like that type of filler. The USC bc/cc stuff sands like a beast and then I top it off with evercoat metal glaze it comes in a squeeze bottle.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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