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body panels

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Has any of you guys every used any after market rear quarter patch panels,The car is a 68 dart, I want to replace behind the rear wheel,approximently 8" up from the bottom of the panel, and the whole length from the rear of the wheel well to the rear of the car. Thanks
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I got the ones I used on my 69 Superbee from the Paddock. From what I've read is that no matter where you buy them they are all from the same supplier. The reason I got mine from the Paddock was that I was living close enough to pick them up. Shipping can be VERY expensive.
Have you used them yet, and if so how did they fit. Thanks
Yep put them on a couple years ago. They fit good , just need to take your time . Seems like the new panels are a bit thinner than orig. so watch the heat. There was a very good article in one of the Mopar mags one or two issues back , you might want to check it out before you start.
Did you but them together or did you overlap the panel, and did you weld it fully,
Yes they were fully welded,and it does take a loooong time. Didn't overlap the panels, but you need a small gap at the joint you dont butt them together. Check out Eastwood, they sell small panel clamps that hold the gap. I also use MIG with gas , dont use the flux wire.
you can see here were I cut the old panel off.

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