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Bondo removal

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How do you get bondo off of body parts without making thing worse than they are?
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theres a couple different ways to get it off- sand it(messy), Air Craft Remover(smelly), or I've even see people take a propane torch to it but that really stinks!
FIRE. It worked for me. Small propane torch and a putty knife.

4.5" grinder with a twiste wire wheel. its my answer to just about everything. also the paint stripper wheels take it off nicely on the same grinder.
If it is a lot of filler, I would suggest cutting th metal out and replacing it.
Last time I did it, it took fire AND the wire. ;) If you use any of these methods, just go easy or you'll warp the metal. Like Bakaruda said, depending on how much is on there, sometimes new sheetmetal is the best way to go.
I have always used a 4.5" grinder with some 40 grit discs til I get to metal then a 40 grit on the D/A to clean the rest up.
Bakaruda is right, but first find out why there is so much Bondo. My 67 Barracuda had so much more than it needed. We were also able to shrink the metal back some. I'm going to pay someone to finish it, though.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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