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Brake backing plates

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Does anyone know how to tell if a 10 inch brake backing plate is for an A body or a B body when you don`t know what car they came from. I want to use then on an 8 3/4 housing. The brakes that are on them measure 2 1/2 wide but I`m not sure if they are the original brakes or not. I want to have axles made with the 4 1/2 bolt pattern and need to know what drums to buy. Thanks for any help.
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This is why I recommend people buy backing plates and drums together from the same car. The backing plates for the a-body 10x1.75 and b-body 10x2 are about the same (or so I've been told), but for a 2.5" wide shoe the backing plate is not the same. The axles come in two offsets, a-body and everything else. Don't buy big bolt axles with a-body offset as you won't find drums that will fit properly.

So if I understand this right, I should get A body axles made with 4 1/2 bolt pattern except get the B body measurement from the bearing to the outside axle flange, buy B body drums and then if there is a problem find B boby backing plates.
When you buy axels they should ask what brakes you have. At least Moser did.
Yes, that's what you need to order.

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