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brake pedal return spring ?

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Is there such a thing ? I have a '65 dart had the single master cylinder when I got it...and it was shot.
The previous owner had a throttle return spring to keep the pedal up.
I now have a dual m.c. and the usual changes that go with it....front disc , proportioning valve etc.
When bleeding the brakes , I found that the pedal doesn't want to return to what seems like the right height.
Should there be a spring in there to pull the pedal back ?
Am I missing something else here ?
Thanks again for your help,
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From what I know there is not supposed to be a return spring. That would give a false since of having a good set of brake pads or a filled master cylinder, which in any case may get you into trouble down the road, if you add that throttle return spring back in under the dash.
None of my Mopars have one.
Thanks gents. I am using an adjustable push rod and a relocated master cylinder , so I figure to do some more adjusting and see where this leaves me......but I won't be worrying about a spring.
And one less question leaves me a little better off than I was yesterday.
Ya'll rock !
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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