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Can't find a pic

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I saw a picture last night that shows what I'm looking for. On the drivers side, on the front wheel A frame assembly, there is a shaft running into the frame. Maybe 12" long with some rubber busshing in it. That piece is not right, It's pushed forward a little. I found a picture on here last night that shows what I'm talking about, anyone have a pic or link to one? It is on my 66 Dart GT. dunno if that help. I don't know how it was pushed forward, but it also broke/tore some of the metal behind it. I believe it can be heated, bent, welded and reinforced.

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I called the guy who has a bunch of old junked out Darts, and he said that I could have another K-Member if I would take it out. How hard is it to take a K member out of a car that is 40 years old??

that sounds like a strut rod. as to take a 40 year old k-frame out. i took one out a a 67 b-body exposed to the elements that came out real easy but the car had no motor, bring plenty of wd-40 big hammers and pry bars and say a prayer. some can be a bitch o[
Brian, k-members aren't taht hard, but are time consuming. You need to determine if you actually need one, though. The k-member is re-inforced where the strut rod bushing goes and those don't give way very often. Take some pics and let us take a look at what you have wrong.


I will definitely take some pics. I have to wait til this weekend though. I am an hour away from my parents house where the car is and I can't justify spending 20$ on gas and snappnig pics in the dark freezing my ass off. I'll get some posted this weekend.


I'm pulling the motor so that I can see everything down there. Expect many pics :)
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