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Cheap rear disc set up?

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I was looking at a 93 mercury Marquis at the JY. I couldn't get the disc off to get a measurement from flange to b/p. Anybody tried this swap? The Ford only uses 4 bolts to hold the back plate on vs Chryslers 5 bolts. But the bolt pattern looks the same as the 4 that are there. Drilling a 5th hole doesn't look like it would interfere with anything. It looks like it should fit my 8 1/4 which is out having a 3:91 put in it right now. Is the axle flange to back plate on the A body 8 3/4 the same as the 8 1/4? If it is then I can use the tech articles measurements and go back to the JY to see if it'll work. If this works it shouldn't cost more than about $75. for everything.
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you might have to make your own caliper mounts, the axle probably sticks out a different amount than the ford. the center register will have to be machined in the rotor to fit the mopar axle, any machine shop should be able to do that for a few bucks, might want to use new rotors if you have to put any money into them though.
Hey 268darts, I'm not sure about the ford option, but I've also wondered about a rear disc swap for a 8 1/4. I can't remember where I read it but it said that a jeep laredo had an 8 1/4 and that the discs would bolt up. Don't know what year but, thats what I'm looking into also!!!
I dont know about swapping the disks but I installed the entire rear in my dart. I dont have it all done yet it is about 1 inch wider but the cop rims I am using will still fit. Just another option.
Thanks y'all I read that about the Jeep, but I can't find one either. I read about the complete rear end, also. As far as fabrication...I can use my mill or one of the lathes around here. Guess what I do for a living?  %) I will be getting my rear end back Tues. so I will be measureing stuff to see if it will work. o----o<>
The Ford Motorsport set up is cheap at around 350-375 bucks. you get all brand new rotors, calipers, pads, brackets and attaching hardware.
all you need to do is upgrade the housing ends to the late model Torino ends, they have bigger bearings than the lame-O 2.75 mopar bearings too. When you have the new axles made you just need to tell them the brake set back measurement is 2.75 and they will install the bearings to that dimension. Also have them drill an additional access hole in the flange for access to the hold down nuts on the bearing retainers because installing the hold down nuts around the e-brake hardware is a yank in the shorts.This set up also has a drum in hat style e-brake and it all comes as an assembly.These brakes are the same ones used on the Ford Exploder so replacement parts are just a trip to the local parts store. The stock style Ford caliper brake hoses can easily be used also pretty easily, the left hose already has a Tee in it to run a hard line over to the right caliper too. The e-brake levers take standard style cable ends too so a trained chimp could make an e-brake cable set up for it pretty easily.
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We have a shop here in town that can install ford disc brake stuff on any rearend. Here's the only pic i have of a 8 3/4 they did for a friend of mine. Another member here named "EVAN" has it now. May be able to get him to post some up close pics of it. I can also give you the shop's phone # if you want it.  Mel   

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I went to PYP today and did some measuring. The flange hole spacing is the same across but it needs to be moved further apart on the backing plate for a perfect fit. Unfortunately the axel flange to housing is 2.25. that would work if I had B,E or C body axels.The A body is 2.00. I slapped a wheel off of a Grand Fury on the Ford axel and it fit like a glove.

In town meaning Houston? Go ahead and post the shops # cause I haven't made a decision yet. I know the Grand Cheroke uses the same rear w/disc. So I will look for one of those first. tnku

I bought the Ford Motorsport rear disc kit for my rear end. Of course I had the rear setup with the Ford ends... I think my kit uses the Explorer calipers.

Just pulled the drums off of my 8 1/4 and it looks like a fit. I'm going to go to PYP tomarrow and get the disc brake set up. It looks like all I need to do is move the hole spacing on the backing plate and the whole thing will bolt on with that being the only mod. o----o<>

Should I use the master cylinder from ar disc/drum brake car or use the Ford F/R disc master cylinder and proportioning valve?
Use a Mopar disc/drum MC, but install an adjustable prop valve, otherwise you'll never get it balanced right.
That's what I wanted to know. tnku tnku
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