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Coil over spring spacers

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Anyone ever heard of these? Seen them? I am wondering because I need a set of 2" spacers for my Duster. I can not get the ride ht set where I want/need it. I have Koni shocks and QA1 110# 12" coil overs. Once the car is set down on the tires the springs compress about 2" but once I get the shock set in the middle of the travel the car sits about 2-3" higher than I want/it should. I'm o[ over this issue. Any thoughts ideas? Need more info let me know.
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not following you exactly...but...a true coil over shock has a pre-determined installed length..measured between the mounting holes. with the vehicle on the ground, measure between the mounting holes, if you cannot achieve proper lenght with spring adjustments, then you need a different spring rate, once this length is achieved, and your desired ride heigth is off, that means the shock mounts were not installed in the proper location. i have never heard of any spring spacers for coilovers. also make sure you have the proper length spring for the shock. rear shocks are available for a 12" or 14" spring. hope this helps
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