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convertible rear glass Convex or Concave?

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I'm new here guys. I have a 1967 Dart Convertible. It has a 71 "340" 4 speed, 3.23 8 3/4 rear.

I got it completed last year after over 10 years of being apart. Just about everything has been done twice, and now for the top. The guy didn't smooth or put anything on the ends or the bow that the top tacks to and it caused a hole in the right sail panel.

Noiw to my question, WHICH WAY DOES THE BACK GLASS GO? They installed my glass concaved. The logo on the glass is read from the inside. I say this is backwards. The top company says this is right so it fits the shape of the body.

I have the original glass I removed from the car (don't know if orginal to the car) and it is convex. I have a 68 convertible parts car that is also convex. I seen a 68 that an old man bought new and I assumed was all orginal and it was convex


I would appreciate pictures of the back glass to use to show the top people.

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Drop Jim Lusk a message if he doesn't jump in, he'll know.
I'll have to look at Jeff's car or the other back glass out in the shed. I couldn't tell you off the top of my head.

Here is a shot of the rear of my car.

Does the top glass look right?

I measured my original glass and it curves the other way and so does the glass on my 68 Conv. parts car

NOT ONLY WILL THIS HELP ME, but all convertible owners when they buy a top from EZ-ON, they tell me this is correct. But the logo on the glass is read from the inside.

Thanks guys.

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Sure doesn't look right. I haven't been out to look at Jeff's car yet.

Your glass is definitely NOT correct. I looked at Jeff's Dart the other day and the curve absolutely goes out in the middle. The glass that is in his car is the replacement glass installed in my GTS in the mid-70s when the original was broken. It has had new vinyl installed around it and spent time on the GTS before being swapped over to his 67. Good luck getting it fixed.

My Barracuda still has the original top on it and the glass bows out not in. Dave
I called them today AGAIN. They were to call me back and the last 2 times he told me that he didn't do it. So I called them

They admitted today, they are using a glass for a generic motors car. TOO MUCH CURVE and backward at that.

I am going to look at the glass i removed from the car and if it is good enough condition or I can have it polished I will send it to them to reuse. They also said they might have a pattern made from my glass for correct replacement glass for A Body convertibles

Thanks for the responses. I told him I had been asking the questions here and that I have a friend that is a retired exec from Chrysler and he was going to check the records for the proper way to install the glass.
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